Something is happening...

Cronos Lizards explore new dimensions!

Take part in this amazing new adventure.


The cronos lizards have met the strange visitors - bad bits.

Offering their mysterious portal juice, the Lizards have phased into a whole new dimension!



• Portal Juice Transmutation; Swap

• Multiverse Invitation – Mint

• BAD x Lizzy Alliance; BAD Holders Claim

• Founder’s Pass Abduction - Claim

Free Airdrops & Claims

• 1 airdrop for every holder

• Claim extra BAD Lizzys every
month until final supply of
10,000 is reached


15,000 CRO (Crono Ballz)

Sacred Lizzy Vault (Post-Mint)

5% of mint in FARMs (eg - MMFinance)

5% of mint in Liquidity pair GLXY/CRO pair

• Use 40% back to holders per month in CRO
(Alotted by # of Lizzys held)

Reinvest 60% into farms for future claims
(Steady/ growing money back to holders)

• In addition, 100% of royalties from Bad
Lizzy Collection(s) will go also to the
Sacred Lizzy Vault

Monetized Token &
Cybertronic Forge

• Monetized Token – GALAXY (GLXY)
Gain passively every week and claim for
Lizzy and BAD Bit holders (in wallet staking)

• Can spend at the 'Cybertronic Forge' to buy
mechs, future upgrades, and other goods

Roadmap 1.5+

• BAD Lizzys will be able to stake and
purchase for Spaceshop Season 2
along with Baby Alien Division

Scale coins - monetized token used
to purchase future mints